How it works


Establishing an Account

You can establish an account one of two ways:

Here on the Web site — Online registration is easy—simply click on the Register Here link to request a login and password. After we confirm your account profile, you’re ready to place your first order!

Or by telephone — Call our customer service center at 1-800-335-4837 during regular business hours. After we confirm your account profile, you can place your first order.

Shipping Options

Shipping via our Web site is easy. Based on your input, we'll give you a complete range of shipping alternatives. If you have special needs — across town in an hour or across the country today — just tell us and we'll figure out how to get it done. Simply select the shipping option best for you, click on it, and your package is ready to be picked up.

Customized Shipping

If you have special needs and don't see a shipping option that fits, simply click on the Customize Shipping Options button. A few examples of when you might want to customize a shipment include:

· A time-definite need, where you state exactly when you want your package picked up and delivered, even if it falls outside of regularly scheduled delivery runs. · A multi-stop shipment (e.g., ship my package from point A to point B to point C and back to point A). · An oversize, heavy, or fragile item that requires special handling or a special type of vehicle.

Tracking Your Order

Our online tracking tools enable you to track any and all packages. Once you have set up your personal preferences, you can take advantage of our Advanced Tracking features which enable you to view and sort multiple shipments by date range, customer, etc.

Personalize Your Order Information

To make ExpressIt Delivery’s online ordering even more effective, you can customize your preferences, which let you:

· Establish your primary shipping address so you don't have to re-enter the information each time you ship. · Create a list of secondary addresses if you ship from more than one location. · Create and maintain an address book of frequently shipped to addresses. · Assign a reference number and authorization code to your ship to addresses. · Create EZ-Ship commands to automate regularly used shipping details. · Customize how you are notified of package delivery status. · Alert us of any special requirements you have.

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